Famous Indian Musical Artist Bunny Dhot

Bunny Dhot is a Famous Musical Artist YouTuber Actor and Social media Star. Bunny Dhot DOB 22-12-1994 Born in Patiala.

Bunny Dhot is a Famous Indian Music YouTuber, Musical Artist, Actor, and Social Media star born in Patiala, India.

Bunny Dhot has been interested in singing, music, acting, technology, since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest. Bunny has one brother, the younger brother's name is "Gagan Dhot".

At the age of 24, he made his own identity in YouTube as a News YouTuber "Media News" in Patiala, where Bunny used to make videos related to Tv News, but in the year 2021 due to YouTube's community guidelines, Bunny's channel Suspended by YouTube. Over 170,000 subscribers were lost overnight, meaning Bunny's channel was suspended by YouTube and After This Bunny create music videos for Fam on YouTube. Bunny also made his musical interest together, after which in the year 2021, Bunny made a Creative Music and upload the different platforms like Jiosavan etc.

Career - He is starting his career as a Acting in music video, in the past 2020 and current activities in the music industry. He is also known as an actor and music director.

Bunny Dhot

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