Why My Account Is Disabled?

We may disable your account for many reasons. Some of the most probable reasons are mentioned below.

1.Your personal information is incomplete for more than 48 hours in regrads to Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, Name ,Your Profile Picture and Location. All these fields are madatory and you need to share accurate and true information about yourself.

2.Your Personal profile appears like a business entity or purpose. You need to have a verified personal profile to make a Business Page for your business or any commercial purpose. Create your personal profile wtih accurate and true information and then get your profile verified and create a page for your business or commercial activities.

3. You are trying to publish blogs/articles that we consider not right or may have wrong information or can have adverse effect on the society. You should verify your account before you try to publish articles/ blogs.

4. We are unable to verify your account. We always do periodic verification of users' accounts to check if the there is any change in your provided email and phone number. If we cannot reach you for 72 hours after repeatedly trying to reach you for verification we suspend your account with us. We always send notifications during the process.

5. Your profile information is fake. You should put in your real name and all information accurate and true.

6. Continuing behaviour that you have been warned of .

7. Contacting other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting or other conduct that's not allowed.

8.Someone has reported agaist your profile and we found it correctly reported against or in the process of verifying the report. If we find reporting aganist your profile was wrongly done we would inform you when we activate your account again.

9. You have given access to someone else to use your password and use your account.

10. You are uploading infected content materials that has viruses or malicious codes.

11. You failed to maintain to abide by Mariadda Community Standard.

12. You have changed or updated information about you and we could not verify the information provided by you.

13. If you have not logged in for over 90 days then for security of your account we may keep your profile under suspension.

If you think we have wrongly disabled your account, please do contact at vigilance@mariadda.com

If you want to reactivate your disabled account to make them acceptable to us going by the above mentioned criteria, please do contact at helpcentre@mariadda.com

If you want to reactivate your disabled account that you have not loggedin for over 90 days then please do contact at helpcentre@mariadda.com