Few of the Features

We believe that while we manage Mariadda and continue to develop its technical features, the real driving force behind any social media and networking platform is the content created by users. The posts they share and the interactions they have with other interesting minds make the platform more appealing for everyone and ultimately determine its success. That's why we have decided to share the profits with our users, as a way of acknowledging their contribution to the platform's success.


On Mariadda, it's not just about receiving likes and comments on your posts that make you feel good. They can also earn money for you. However, this is not a "get rich quick" opportunity, and you cannot make a living out of it. Our platform is designed to reward you for sharing your posts. You can earn points for all activities you perform on Mariadda, such as commenting on your friend's posts, interacting with their posts, and writing blogs. Each point you earn has a real monetary value, and you can see your points growing and accumulated earnings on your profile dashboard. Once you reach a particular accumulated amount, you can withdraw it directly into your bank account. All you need to do is provide us with your bank account number and IFSC code when you make a withdrawal request.


Mariadda offers various types of memberships to its users. Registration is always free and will remain so, with a range of exciting features to explore. When you upgrade your membership, you get access to additional features. You can upgrade your membership by purchasing it with the points you've earned. Each membership level has a monetary value, and when you accumulate enough points equivalent to that amount, your membership is automatically upgraded to the next level. Alternatively, you can also purchase membership directly if you don't want to wait for your points to accumulate. This way, you can access the additional features instantly, which can be beneficial for building your image or branding and can even lead to monetary benefits.


When you publish a post, you have the option to choose who can see it. There is a feature that allows you to select specific groups of people, such as friends, family, or workmates(people from your job or business circle or colleague), to view your post. You don't need to create multiple accounts to control who sees your posts. We are working on developing even better ways to manage post privacy, so stay tuned for future updates.


This feature allows you to post anonymously and have your friends and other users guess who made the post. You can choose an interesting name and edit or blur your Anonymous Profile Image to make it more challenging for others to identify you. This feature also allows you to express your thoughts more boldly and see how your friends and other users respond to them. You can even make confessions anonymously and get feedback from others. Additionally, you can use this feature to express your love and crush without revealing your identity. When making your first anonymous post, keep in mind that the name and Profile image you choose cannot be changed later. Therefore, choose wisely and make them interesting for others. We are planning to enhance this feature in future updates.


When making a post, you can now choose to prevent other users from downloading it.


By default all posts stays for ever on Mariadda. But you can choose post validity by setting time of deletion if any post you feel will lose its importance or meaning to stay on the feed after a specific period.


We often like to keep track of information about our friends, such as their interests, opinions, and personal experiences. A scrapbook is a tool that allows you to record and collect these types of details about your friends. You can send your friends a scrapbook with questions to answer, and keep it as a memento for years to come. We are continually improving this feature, so stay tuned for future updates.


Now you can add important events and happenings in your life on Mariadda Calender feature and you get notified on time so you don’t miss them.


We have made Forum available to make information about things available in a definite way and hold discussion and conversation about things related to knowledge, studies, research and technology. We expect this feature is going to be very enriching for the users.


If you enjoy writing articles and blogs, we have a dedicated blog feature that will enhance your blogging experience. We have incorporated SEO optimization to help you reach a wider audience beyond the platform. This feature is incredibly useful and will make your blogging experience better than ever before.


This feature enables you to leave a message for your friend when he or she is not online. This will make sure that your friend gets the message flashed on the screen when he or she comes back online and you get an acknowledgement that the parson has read the message.


You have the option to voice comment on your friend’s posts when it is not possible to type for some reasons. Maybe you are travelling and as well this makes your words for him or her to have a more personal touch.


Now you need not have to hide your entire friend list always. You can choose to hide specific friends from the friend list.


Now you can honour your friends with words of praise and what makes them special and mention what they are good at and let all know about them. This will give them special recognition in the minds of other users. When you pass an encomium for your friend he or she needs to approve it and then it will be featured on the encomium list on his or her profile page. A person with more number of encomiums gets special regards from Mariadda with a host of benefits monetarily and in kinds.


Now, you have the option to like or love a profile based on the posts that person shares or if they add value to the platform or have a positive impact on other users. We will assign a Popularity Stroke badge for that user based on their activity. Users with high Popularity Stroke will receive special recognition from Mariadda. We are also coming up with ideas to reward them for their high Popularity Stroke. Currently, anyone with a Popularity Stroke score of 225 or above but less than 250 will receive Rs. 200 every month, and anyone with a score of 250 or above but less than 400 will receive Rs. 400 per month. The status of the score and earning value above the mentioned will be personally messaged from time to time.


This feature allows you to select specific people from your friend list to receive messages from. You will receive notifications in a distinct way, so that you can promptly respond to these messages. In essence, you can prioritize messages from your preferred friends. When you choose a friend for hot messaging, they will be notified and required to approve your request. This means that individuals who are not in your hot message list will not be able to message you.

There are many more features on Mariadda. Just explore Mariadda and you will be able to discover them .