Few of the Features

We believe that as we manage Mariadda, develop it further technically, work day in and out to keep it running and interesting with utility features but there is one bigger factor that make the driving force of any social media and networking platform and that is the user's content. The posts they post , the interaction of interesting minds making it more appealing for everyone. That makes the success of the platform complete. So we thought of sharing profit with you, the users.


On Mariadda, it is not about just likes and comments for your posts you feel good about. They can earn for you as well. Yes, that does not mean that you can make your living out of it, and this is not a get rich opportunity like but still we have made it to make you feel rewarded for sharing your posts. Not only that you earn for all activities you do on Mariadda almost, even commenting on your friend’s post or interacting with their posts , writing blogs earn point for you and each point has a value in terms of real money. You can see your points growing and accumulated earning on your profile dashboard. And reaching a particular accumulated amount can be withdrawn straight in to your bank account. You just need to provide us your Bank Account number and IFSC code when you make a request to withdraw.


This is a very interesting feature. On Mariadda we have Types of Members. Well registering is always free and always will be with a host of interesting features to enjoy. But as you have the membership upgraded at every stage of up-gradation, you get to enjoy added features. But you can just upgrade your membership by buying them with your earned points. Each membership has a value in terms of money. Points earned equivalent to that amount mentioned in the Pro Membership section upgrade your membership. Well, one can directly buy membership as well by paying for them if you don’t want to wait for the points to accumulate and enjoy the added features instantly as some added features can be very beneficial for building your image or branding or can make monitory benefit for you.


You will find a very interesting way of choosing who can see your post. Please explore that feature when you take to publish your posts and choose your privacy for your post. You can add a friend marking him or her just as Friend , Family or Workmate (people from your job or business circle or colleague) .You will never have to feel to have two or more user accounts to segregate your shared posts viewable to a particular circle of people in your life. We are coming up with more intelligent way to deal with this problem of post privacy in our coming updates.


This feature has an interesting way of keeping your post anonymous and make the friends and other users guessing who has posted it. You can give yourself interesting name and edit and blur your images so it makes it interesting for the other users and friends of yours guessing about the identity of the post publisher. The other aspect is that you can say your thoughts and express them more boldly and see how your friends and other users react and think about them. You can as well express any sort of confessions you want to make and feel light at heart and know how others think about them. You can even express your love and crush staying anonymous. Mind when you make your first anonymous post the name and image that you choose cannot be changed later, so choose them wisely and make them interesting for others. We are going to make this feature more interesting in the coming up updates.


Now you can make your posts not downloadable by other users. Choose the option when choose to post if you feel so.


By default all posts stays for ever on Mariadda. But you can choose post validity by setting time of deletion if any post you feel will lose its importance or meaning to stay on the feed after a specific period.


We always like to have a note of things about our friends. Scrapbook is such a thing that keeps a note of interesting things about your friend’s likings ,what they feel about different things, happenings in their life , something that that they never shared with anyone or you feel to know of them. You can now send scrapbook with questions to your friends and make them answer, and you can keep them with you for life with memorabilia. We are going to make this feature more interesting in the coming up updates.


Now you can add important events and happenings in your life on Mariadda Calender feature and you get notified on time so you don’t miss them.


We have made Forum available to make information about things available in a definite way and hold discussion and conversation about things related to knowledge, studies, research and technology. We expect this feature is going to be very enriching for the users.


We have something very interesting for people who like to write articles and blogs. We have a dedicated blog feature which will make your blogging experience better than ever. We have taken care of the SEO factor so you reach more people even outside the platform.


This feature is very a need when you want to leave a message for your friend when he or she is not online. This will make sure that your friend gets the message flashed on the screen when he or she comes back online and you get an acknowledgement that the parson has read the message.


You have the option to voice comment on your friend’s posts when it is not possible to type for some reasons. Maybe you are travelling and as well this makes your words for him or her to have a more personal touch.


Now you need not have to hide your entire friend list always. You can choose to hide specific friends from the friend list.


Now you can honour your friends with words of praise and what makes them special and mention what they are good at and let all know about them. This will give them special recognition in the minds of other users. When you pass an encomium for your friend he or she needs to approve it and then it will be featured on the encomium list on his or her profile page. A person with more number of encomiums gets special regards from Mariadda with a host of benefits monetarily and in kinds.


Now you can like or love a profile based on the posts that person shares or they add value to the platform or have a good effect of his or her activities on other users. We will show Popularity Stroke with a badge for that user based on that. Users with high popularity stroke will enjoy special regards from Mariadda. We are coming up with a lot of ideas to reward them for their high popularity stroke. Right now any one having a popularity stroke of 150 or above and less than 250 will get Rupees 200 Every month and anyone with a popularity score of 250 0r above but less than 400 will get Rupees 375 Per month. Status of the score and earning value more than the mentioned is personally messaged from time to time.


This option enables you choose the persons in your friend list from whom you prefer to get messages and you will be notified in a special way so that you can respond to them. In short you can make your messages from your friends preferential. When you choose a friend in your friend list for hot message he or she is notified and they need to approve your request.