Lost Ark Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Locations

Blackrose Basement is a dungeon with eight Mokoko Seeds. There are two specific conditions you need to do to collect them all.

There is an abundance of Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark found scattered in every corner of the vast map. Mokoko Seeds can be used as a currency and exchanged for items such as potions, cards, and blueprints of varying rarity, with some epic and legendary items available.

Mokoko Seed have a pear-like appearance and a warm, green glow, but finding these seeds is quite tricky despite their appearance. The Blackrose Basement dungeon of East Luterra's Blackrose Chapel is a prime example of Mokoko Seed craftiness. If you are stuck trying to find the last few Mokoko Seeds in the Blackrose Basement, here is where and how to find each one.

There are eight Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Blackrose Basement, and players will encounter a handful of them simply by exploring the area. However, several of these Mokoko Seeds can only be accessed if a certain prerequisite is met, and some fans may be unclear about exactly what that prerequisite is. So in order to collect every Mokoko Seed in this dungeon, you will be required to save all of the innocents and kill every single worshipper in the map. Doing so will grant you access to prisoner cells in the latter half of the dungeon.

1: The first Mokoko Seed is next to a red chair near two desks.
2: Lost Ark players will find this Mokoko Seed next to a stack of books that is by a burning brazier.
3,4,5: This is one of the rooms that fans will be able to access after slaying the Heretics, and there are three Mokoko Seeds on the ground inside it.
6,7: This is the other room that remains sealed until the Heretics have been dispatched and the Mokoko Seeds are once again on the floor.
8: The final Mokoko Seed sits right next to some pots.

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