The Icon of the Shadowhunters Has Joined the Cast of the “The Flash” Seventh Season

The seventh season of “The Flash” has signed Jon Cor, the star of the ongoing show “Shadowhunters” to play the legendary DC antagonist Chillblaine, aka Mark Stevens.

He will play the role of a legendary DC super antagonist. A report has suggested that he is likely to appear again and again for small cameos.

The seventh season of “The Flash” has signed Jon Cor, the star of the ongoing show “Shadowhunters” to play the legendary DC antagonist Chillblaine, aka Mark Stevens.

A character description is available to read on the internet, and it says that Jon Cor’s character Mark Stevens is a smart boffin with evil intentions. He has an innate interest in cryogenic technology. However, when he is not busy stealing money, he gets busy seducing people with what has been described as a beguiling charm and a rogue-like style.

The official description has stated that the character has his own set of destructive weapons and will be a stellar addition to The Flash franchise as a new hotshot villain named Chillblaine.

If you have read the comics, you would know that Chillblaine has a partner in crime named Golden Glider, also known as Lisa Snart. But, the thing is, Peyton List has not been informed about reprising her role from the season anytime soon, so it is likely that Chillblaine will work alone in the season.

Chillblaine is another stellar addition to an already splendid list of villains signed up for next season, which is expected to arrive in the United States on February the 23rd.

The synopsis of the upcoming season has alluded to the fact that once The Flash (aka Barry Allen) defeats Eva McCulloch (aka Mirror Master), he will unwillingly unleash an even bigger threat to the central city, who will make an attempt to shred his city and the marriage to pieces.

As per the statements made by Danielle Nicolet, who has reprised her role of Cecile Horton many times in the Arrowverse, we can expect a whole set of familiar villainous faces in the seventh season of The Flash.

She also alluded to the fact that the show is likely to feature time travel sometime in the future. She refrained from saying too much but did add that there are going to be some fan-favorite characters making a return to the show and some new ones that will add more drama to the scenes.

The Flash is a hit fan-favorite DC superhero television show which stars Grant Gustin in the leading role of Barry Allen, aka The Flash. He is partnered both in the missions and in the romantic life by Candice Patton (who plays the role of Iris West Allen). The duo is supported by a talented ensemble group cast led by Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Danielle Nicolet.

The movies based on the DC speedster is also in the makings; however, in the movie, the role will be given to Ezra Miller. Ben Affleck’s Batman is also set to make an appearance in the film, which is believed to be the last time he will ever don the caped crusader suit. Henry Cavill’s future at DCEU remains uncertain.

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