Do You Need A Visa To Go To The Czech Republic?

Schengen visa dummy ticket is usually a reservation for a round flight or other ticket showing the person's plans to return.

If you are from a non-Schengen country that does not have a visa-free travel allowance from the Schengen zone with the Czech Republic, you will need to apply for a visa. Before applying for a visa, ensure that all the visa documents and the Schengen visa dummy ticket are ready with you. 


Having all the documents ready for the visa application consumes less time.


Essential Guide About Czech Visa Requirements

The next step in getting a visa is to make an appointment and gather the papers you need:


Passport: granted in the last ten years (even if it has been extended, it can't be older than ten years), is still valid at least three months after the planned departure from the Czech Republic or Schengen Area, and has at least two blank pages.


Visa application form.


Photo: 35 x 45 mm, full-face view, at least 13 mm from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the chin. No sunglasses or head coverings (except for religious or health reasons) must be worn by the applicant.


Cover Letter: Documents that show why you want to stay


Accommodation: Documents related to accommodation can include a dummy hotel booking.


Schengen visa dummy ticket is usually a reservation for a round flight or other ticket showing the person's plans to return. 


Travel medical insurance: The insurance must be good throughout the entire Schengen Area and cover the whole stay (transit). 


NOC Letter: For some visa categories you would be required to submit a noc letter. Such as: Study and Work visa.


Czech Visa Requirements And How To Apply

Once you have gathered all your required documents according to the mentioned above checklist, you can apply for the visa. We advise applicants to book a Schengen visa dummy ticket and dummy hotel booking in advance so that visa processing is not delayed because of dummy documents. 


Where Do I Go To Get A Visa For The Czech Republic?


  • You must apply at the Czech embassy or consulate where you live or at a visa application centre that works on behalf of the Czech Republic. 


  • Children under 12 do not need to go to the port because they do not have to give fingerprints. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 must come with their parents or legal guardians, who will apply for their visas on their behalf.


  • Schengen visa applications can be made as early as six months before the trip and as late as 15 days before. 


Czech Republic Visa Document Guidelines


When you apply for a Czech visa, the papers you send in must follow these rules:


  • A certified translator must translate all of the documents into Czech. This is a very important step for the Czech applications. Ensure that you translate all the visa documents in Czech language, as failure to do so might result in visa rejection or delay. Therefore, we advise applicants to highlight all the major tasks of the visa application and fulfil them before the final submission of the visa application.


  • All documents must be either the original or an official copy.


  • The Apostille Stamp must be on certain documents, such as those that show your civil standing. In 1961, this stamp made it easy for countries to check each other's legal documents.


  • When applying for the visa application, make multiple copies of your documents. Also, keep a copy of your visa application with you for record purposes. 


  • Book your Schengen visa dummy ticket in advance so that you remain calm while the visa is processing.

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