NBA 2K21’s next-gen career mode is a rollicking reunion of fictitious stars

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In an unremarkable locker room tunnel, the narrative of NBA 2K21 has been expanded on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, making you think that you have chosen the wrong choice, thus leaving the profession immediately out of high school. If you want to build an ideal team, then you can also buy NBA 2K21 MT to get help.

Your coach who is tired of the world mumbled to himself in the trash left by the hockey player the night before. You may have started, but he hopes that you can win the game from the next round. Then you will meet teammates: Tracy Morgan style Sheldon "ATM" Middleton; Shammy Wells, if there is a forward, He will shoot four-pointers; a guy who looks like Nosferatu is called Vlad the Piercer; and of course Jackson Ellis.

Ellis has been in every story of MyCareer since 2013, and even made a cameo as a venue safety officer in NBA 2K18. The last time the series entered the G League, that is, NBA 2K19, he cooperated with ATM and the two called themselves the "Smoke and Mirror" player combination. gi also appears in the game, only as a game opponent, without cutscenes or podium. He is a strong defender from Eastern Europe, and his ability to block shots prompts you to look for open teammates. Shammy Wells comes from NBA 2K18, where he starred with the player character "DJ" and topped countless controversial three-pointers.

Currently, MyCareer's story is more attractive. In addition, the author of the series discovered a secret of success: pick up an opponent, give them a turn, and now you have a character, the player will use a mattress for this. In NBA 2K20, it was training partner Axel Walden ; in the end, he entered the league as a player in an exciting on-court final. In NBA 2K21, Hendrixx Cobb was the assumed first overall pick and the player’s opponent, but after going to college, the two developed a very close friendship and eventually shared Completed some light-hearted drafting antics.

Of course, if you take the G League route in the expanded NBA 2K21, you will miss a lot of confrontations with Cobb. In order to celebrate the return of ATM and Jackson to the NBA on a 10-day contract, and then back together for two final battles, my opponent could not beat his opponent. However, long-term players should be able to determine the roster. The visual concept and the functions of NBA 2K21 are much more than that. They also give player character friends you care about. Finally, if you need to Buy 2K21 MT, please choose safe and reliable GameMS.


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