Om is a mantra that liberates a strong and high vibration, as you can literally feel it!

Chanting Om have been popularised in the western cultures. It literally became an integral part of meditation, helping in purifying the mind and the soul.

Stress and overthinking are

Helps to reduce Stress

Some medical studies have proved that chanting Om help dropping the adrenaline level your body naturally produces, usually in situations of stress, anxiety or fear. It relaxes the brain and reduces in consequences the activity happening in the limbic system, which is the portion of the brain associated with stress, emotions, learning, and motivation.

The vibrations liberated by chanting Om help you to dissociate yourself from the outside world and the emotions you assimilate to it.

Improves your sleep

Meditating and chanting Om before going to sleep is an amazing way to calm your mind and prepare yourself to a peaceful night. Stress and a busy life make us forget how important sleeping well is important for your health.

Improves Concentration

Focusing yourself on chanting a mantra, you empty your mind from your thoughts, your anxiety and the little things you are thinking about too much. Letting go your mind, you can give room to inspiration. You level of concentration and creativity will improve considerably.

Balances your emotions

Om, by its high vibration level can calm you and help you to balance your emotions. Chanting Om, you will feel appeased and much more connected to Mother Nature and to the Universe, to your Divine power, your True Essence. In fact, Om holds the same frequency as everything in nature.

Banishes negativity

Chanting Om allows a flow of positive vibration in your body, which can then attract positivity into your life. Chanting Om helps you to focus on your third eye chakra and observe the divine silence of your mind.

Detoxifies your body

Due to the constant deep breathing process, chanting Om improves your blood circulation and the oxygenation of your blood, what helps you eliminating the toxins in your body.

Take time for yourself, a little tiny moment each day in order to feel who you truly are. Meditate, and choose to start or end your meditation by chanting Om, you will feel the change.

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