Romantic Nothings.

Speaking of warm weather, I've also got you covered with the best simple style to go with.

On my nails- Steamy by MAC, On my lips- Pink Nouveau by MAC

             Top- Zara, Vest- Flea market, Leggings- forever21, Shoes- Tresmode  He sneakily got this shot, while i was getting ready to look pretty for you guys!

This has by far been my favorite location. This outfit was kept simple keeping summer in mind. I am personally not a big fan of white but during summer, I try to mix and match it with stuff. I loved this top from Zara and this time I created an outfit around it! Let me know what you guys think! I have exactly 6 days for my exams to begin and then they go on for over 2 weeks so there might be a sort of  *blog pause*. But as and when I get the time to shoot, I will keep updating! Until then, keep charming the world.

“It’s nice to be attractive, but at the end of the day that’s no accomplishment. ”

– Padma Lakshmi on beauty and identity.



Ayushi Bangur

Ayushi Bangur

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Kinshuk Vaidya 2 yrs

Wonderful .

Biswarup Dasgupta 2 yrs


Anshita Ghosh 2 yrs

Great looks

Indrasish Roy 2 yrs

You are so beautiful

Ridhima Aneja Mukherjee 2 yrs

You have an awesome style..great

Binoy Roy Chowdhury 2 yrs

Great look..awesome .

Shoma Lovelock Chatterjee 2 yrs

Wow.. great

Arpita Roy 2 yrs

So wonderful

Dipesh Gupta 2 yrs


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