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Who doesn’t love a flawless, healthy and soft skin? But in winters, when the air gets drier, it is your skin that pays the price. Loss of hydration, cracks in the skin, chapped lips, flaky locks, etc. are some common issues that pop up in winter. However, adding certain multitasking prod

Just Herbsare one of the exquisite natural skincare lines, which deals in products made from certified organic and wild crafted ingredients collected from across India. They provide for a healthy skin care regimen right from cleansing and toning to night-care.
After knowing that all their products are natural, I tried two of their products and enlisted below is my experience on each of them:

6 Step skincare kit

It comes in two sets- for Oily/Combination Skin or Normal/Dry Skin. I opted for the first onebased on my Combination skin type. Now the six products imbibed in this kit are as follows:

Step 1:Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant face wash (use daily)

This gel-based face wash is loaded with the natural goodness ofNeem, Chandan (sandal wood) and honey. This is one product by the brand that is most eulogized. It cleanses the skin, leaving it deeply moisturized and lends that touch of freshness and a velvety radiance all day long.

Step 2:Livelyclean honey exfoliating face cleansing gel (use twice a week)

The best part about this cleansing gel is that it contains Turmeric, which is known for its antiseptic properties. The tiny scrubbing granules provide for gentle exfoliation that banishes impurities from the clogged pores.Just scrub it with light hands onto your face and once you rinse it with water, what lies beneath is a clean and radiantly glowing face.

Step 3:Fagel Instant Glow All Purpose Beauty Gel(use daily)

It is especially suitable for oily skin and is equipped with the natural goodness of Holy Basil, Cucumber, and turmeric. This gel gets absorbed really fast and the skin is definitely smooth to touch post use, feels much hydrated making the skin look flawless. It surely is a skin saver in the winters.

Step 4:Fairever Milky White Protective Fairness Pack (twice a week)

The ingredients, i.e. Milk proteins and honey reinforced with mulethi and cucumber, itself speaks of the much- needed nourishment that every skin requires. The pack spreads easily on the skin and improves the skin texture, giving it an instant fairer and brighter look. It truly calms down the skin, bestowing a refreshing look.

Step 5:No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Sun Protection Gel(daily)

It is a 2-in-1 sunscreen, i.e. apart from protecting from the Sun, it also moisturizes the skin. The light gel consistency of this sunscreen does not make skin feel sticky, which is what I absolutely loved. With its prolonged application, the skins lost moisture is restored. Highly recommended for people with normal to oily skin,and equally important to use a sunscreen in winters as well as the summers contrary to popular belief

Step 6:Faire Mulethi Khus Skin Lightening Gel(daily at bed time)

This night cream has a lightweight gel like consistency and glides on smoothlygiving the skin a cooling effect. It did make my skin radiant and reduced certain dark spots on my skin.

Tender Touch Body Radiance oil

Thisultra-moisturizing body oil is an absolute essential for winter glowing skin. Loaded with some Ayurvedic herbs, this oil is non-sticky and its consistent use helps to reduce tanning. It battles dryness and reinvigoratesyour body muscles. After its use, skin is left velvety soft and supple to touch. Use this on your skin in winters for a nourished and healthy feel. And yes, the scent of this oil is beyond fabulous. So much goodness in one bottle!

Final Verdict

I am quite impressed by the quality and would definitely recommend their enriching products to all the herbal line lovers. Moreover, as they are a bespoke brand, you can talk toJust Herbsskincare experts personally and take customized regimes for yourself.The price point makes their products really affordable and you can check out their entire range atJust Herbs. If you are an all-natural girl, this will prove to be a miracle for you.
This winter, with their products, be ready to redefine your relationship with your skin!

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