All you need to know about liposuction and choosing which is right for you

All you need to know about liposuction and choosing which is right for you

Posted February 2,2019 in Other.

Chevuru Vijay Kumar
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Liposuction is the withdrawal of extra body fat by using tubes which have special surgical equipment. It is mostly performed by a plastic surgeon. Liposuction surgery in India is considered to be on the worlds top the most list. This is because the best medical doctors look after you, and do their best to make you look awesome.

Getting to know liposuction in a better way

Liposuction is cosmetic surgery. It helps in taking out unwanted extra fat to enhance the looks of the person and also to improve the irregular body shapes. It is also known as body contouring.

Liposuction done is used for shaping the areas near the chin, cheeks, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs, knees, calves, etc.


Tumescent liposuction (fluid injection)

This is the most commonly done process. It makes use of inserting a good amount of solution into the areas before starting the process. Many times even more solution is required to be applied on to the surface for removing the fat. The liquid is a mixture of some anesthesia, along with a drug which contracts the blood vessels and salt solution of IV.

Super-wet technique is similar to tumescent liposuction.

This is similar to the tumescent technique. This takes comparatively less time. But, sedation is required in this process, to make the patient feel comfortable.

These are just some of the techniques used by surgeons in India, but which technique suits you best, your doctor and you can decide.

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