Players recreate Jurassic Park Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons Island

Inspired by the movie Jurassic Park, players collect the required ACNH Items step by step, and finally complete Jurassic Park Island.

Designing Animal Crossing New Horizons the way it wants to be is the ultimate goal for New Horizons fans. As an ACNH Island Designer, every player entering New Horizons Island has the same starting point, including customizing their name, skin color, hair length, gender, and more. The island that I entered for the first time is also nothing, and it can even be said to be desolate. Island Designer Animal Crossing can reference famous buildings, realistic scenes, famous movies and more. Island-designed items can be purchased from the island store Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping shelves. Every store sells different items, and to get all the items you need, you need to shop many times. Island shops are affected by various factors and will not sell all items at once. To fix that, you can buy ACNH NMT directly from


It is very rewarding to publish various creative works in the Animal Crossing New Horizons community. Players can create a variety of pop culture icons and settings in their favorite Animal Crossing New Horizons games. Especially the famous movie Jurassic Park. The scenes and dinosaur settings designed in the game are very shocking. Others commented that the Jurassic Park design was biased towards ACNH Horror Designs. This time an ACNH fan took inspiration from the iconic 1990 sci-fi film Jurassic Park to place various scenes from the film on their island.


Successfully crafting a Jurassic Park-themed island requires making a complete planning list ahead of time. Including brand banners, signs, trucks, electric fences, safety warning signs, ACNH Japanese Road Design and ACNH Pool Design, etc. which must be considered. There is an Animal Crossing Island Designer that finally made Jurassic Park Island, which immediately received great praise from the community players. Although Jurassic Park was a favorite of the 90s, there are still many players who are enthusiastically following this wonderful film work.


Whatever island design ideas you have, with Animal Crossing Island Design Tips, you can bring them to life in Animal Crossing New Horizons islands. After the ACNH 2.0 update, you can see a list of mature items. Facing the ACNH Panel Designs Concept, it is not difficult to purchase with a simple operation. The most important thing is the items purchased Animal Crossing Bells in the island store, you can place them on your island in the fastest time. ACNH Simple Panel Building Design is perfect for players who are short on time. I think the highlight of this design is mainly ACNH Path Designs Cottagecore on it. This is very helpful for quickly upgrading your island to 5 stars.

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