Why do Stains keep Coming over again and again on Carpets and Rugs?

What can be the reason for the reappearing of the stains on the carpet and rugs even after the deep cleaning?

Posted February 2,2019 in Other.

Rohit Bedi
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You cleaned your carpet in the nicest way that you could, removing all the stains, with all your might. Still, after some days, the stain is still coming out of nowhere. The carpet looks amazing for the first few days, but that this for a short while only.

There could be undermentioned reasons for the same:

The carpet spot remover may be at fault

Yes, thats right. Your carpet stain remover could very much be at fault. Let's see how, When applying any spot remover, the chemicals go into the exterior of carpet. No doubt they help in removing the original stain, but if chemicals are not washed away properly or removed, then they help in attracting many dirt particles. The stain is prolonged by accumulating new dirt.

The stain in carpet may be embedded deep down in the carpet

Another reason for stains to reappear may be the failure to fully remove the stain properly. The carpets are fortified with many layers of fibers, a backing under these along with padding below. Many times a stain soaks up deep down the fibers going straight into the padding. So, even if you clean the carpet, it will not result in a permanent removing of stains. The fibers pull out the substance of stain via backing and padding. This is known as wicking. It just looks like the stains reappeared, but they didn't go in the first place.

In case this phenomenon is a common one at your place and if you are tired of cleaning your carpet again and again, then the best thing to do is to call professionals for Carpet Cleaning Narre Warren.

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