The Skoda Vision with 306 hp and a range up to 500 km

Skoda Vision announces the first electric car in the Czech manufacturer's range.

The concept presented at Auto Shanghai covers the clothes of an SUV Coupe, with dimensions close to those of the new Kodiaq. It is built on VW's new MEB modular platform and dedicated exclusively to the future range of electric models produced under the group's brands. Skoda Vision measures 4,688 mm in length, 1,924 mm in width, and 1,591 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,851 mm, which means that it is noticeably shorter and flatter but wider than Skoda Kodiaq

The interior design emphasizes minimalism, the dashboard combining three TFT displays, the central one endowed with capacitive touch functions, a simple two-spoke steering wheel (retractable in autonomous driving mode), and decorative elements accentuated by ambient LED lights. The middle tunnel and the central upright are missing, and the doors open in the opposite direction, the four seats being able to pivot 20 degrees to the outside to facilitate access to the board. Two camcorders replace the rear-view mirrors, and the images taken by them are on display mounted in place of the classic interior mirror. SKODA designers have taken advantage of no traditional transmission tunnel to create a new central console. The result is plenty of space between you and the front passenger and room to integrate two phones into the infotainment system. The two-level instrument panel's centerpiece is a large touchscreen with hand rest for easy use.

The Skoda Vision is powered by two electric motors mounted on each of the two axles, which it engages, mimicking the benefits of all-wheel drive. They develop a combined power of 306 hp (225 kW). Water-cooled Li-Ion batteries are integrated into the floor, between the front and rear axles, for a lower center of gravity. Charging can be done by induction; without cables, 80% of the storage capacity can be regenerated in just 30 minutes if you use a fast-charging station (150 kW). The range is estimated at 500 km (311 miles) and top speed at 180 km / h.

Skoda Vision X

The Skoda Vision concept also offers advanced level 3 self-driving functions; in other words, it can accelerate, turn, overtake, brake or restart, automatically keeping your distance from the car in front or avoiding obstacles and pedestrians 100% automatically. However, such functions will not be legal until 2025.

The front / rear optical blocks and the luminescent elements that start from the front wings and continue towards the rear doors are inspired by the traditional Czech crystal. The new Skoda Vision drives autonomously through traffic jams on highways, where she will be able to make overtaking maneuvers, but she will also be able to park independently.

The new Skoda Vision electric coupe SUV production is expected to begin soon. The series version of the Vision E will be just the beginning of electrification of the Skoda range, with the Czech manufacturer preparing three more 100% electric cars by 2025, plus a plug-in version - is a hybrid of the Superb limousine. The Skoda Vision's innovative connectivity features can communicate with other road users and traffic control centers. This allows the car to respond to traffic events quickly and decisively actively. Furthermore, you can fully integrate your phone on Skoda Vision's infotainment system. Once connected, you can use your phone for everything from streaming through to unlocking the doors.

Inside, there are three displays on the dashboard, and the seats can be rotated 20 degrees in the direction of the doors, which will open through parts without central uprights to facilitate entry and getting out of the vehicle. Rear passengers will also have a display positioned under the headrest of each front seat, and passenger data and preferences may be taken directly.

The Skoda Vision electric car uses laser scanners and radar sensors to assess your surroundings constantly. The car's computer analyses the data and makes driver assistance systems kick in when necessary.

The first purely electrically driven and autonomous driving concept car in the company's history embodies the brand's interpretation of electric vehicles. The Skoda Vision has excellent road presence thanks to its proportions. The designers have created an extremely spacious interior thanks to the long wheelbase and the short overhangs at the front and rear. In the future-oriented vehicle concept, the elevated seating position is typical of SUV models, and the generous space combines with a dynamic silhouette and gently sloping roofline in the style of a coupé.

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