A Short Post On Eye Contact

So you've decided to approach, now what to say?

So today, I'm sitting at the laundromat, and a little hottie walks by me and looks at me briefly. OK, no big deal, maybe she just happened to be looking in my direction. Then she comes back, looks again, except this time she does a double take (I kind of laugh at her when she does this). That's when I know that she wants me. Said girl would continue to try to catch my eye as I'm walking around doing laundry.

Did I go talk to her? No. I don't talk to girls during the day. That, and my mouth is sore as hell from some dental work. What you guys don't understand, is that just because these girls are hot, doesn't mean that they have the courage to just walk up to any guy. She expects you to be a man and approach her.

In fact, many of these women get shy and insecure when they see a man that they're attracted to. Hence, her using eye contact to try to get your attention. If she looks more than once, then she wants you to come talk to her. Even if she isn't necessarily attracted to you, she's at least curious as to who you are.

After she makes eye contact for the second time, do I go directly up to her? No. I don't want to seem too anxious, and personally, I like to make women sweat a little. The harder it is for her to get my attention, the easier it'll be for me to sleep with her that night. Now this is just me, but I like to make the girls wait a little, and then approach when they aren't paying attention.

So you've decided to approach, now what to say? For the love of God, please don't use any of those cheesy ass routines or pick-up lines. She's staring you down, choosin', so why in the hell would you want to use a cheesy line or routine that only works a small percentage of the time? SHE LIKES YOU, so using anything out of the ordinary is BACKWARDS THINKING, COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

What do you say then? A simple "How are you?" or "What's your name?" has always worked for me. She already chose you, so the only thing you have to do is remain calm, natural, and in control. No fucking routines. Period.



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