They teach to compose and correctly express their thoughts at school, but not everyone gets reliable ideas about the performance of such work.

They teach to compose and correctly express their thoughts at school, but not everyone gets reliable ideas about the performance of such work.

Essay execution is more suitable for humanities students.
"Technicians" are left with tough, serious and painstaking work related to drawings, calculations, etc. Writing an essay is not as easy as it seems. It requires not only knowledge of the subject, but also the ability to correctly formulate your thoughts and conclusions.

Essay: what is it and why is it needed?
When writing any school, student or graduate student, even scientific work, knowledge (at least superficial, in order to have an idea) of the subject is required. Essays are no exception to this rule. Translated from French, "essay" means "essay, test."


The importance of essay writing

An essay is a written work that is presented in an arbitrary style, but strictly within the framework of a scientific or literary language. It is important here not only to analyze the literature, to draw conclusions on individual points, but also to put forward your own point of view, to substantiate it.

The volume of the essay is small - up to 4-5 pages of printed text. The main purpose of the essay is to present the thoughts and opinions of a researcher or student on a specific issue, to assess his analytical abilities, outlook, competence and ability to defend his position.

How to write an essay competently: expert advice
To make the essay bright and original, you will have to work on the text, think and sit on the chosen topic. It is unlikely that it will be possible to write off the finished version.

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Council number 1.Study the essays of your predecessors, other authors.

This should be done before you sat down to write your work. Studying essays by other authors will give an idea about the project itself, what not to write, what words can be used, determine the approximate structure and principles of writing, what to rely on and what to focus on.

Consider the essay should emphasize the personality of the author, his temperament, oratorical abilities, emotions, etc. This is one of the features of the essay as a particular genre.


Council number 2. Study the literature on the topic.

It is important for the author not only to show how he relates to the question / problem posed, but also to study and analyze its development. It is important to have at least some understanding of the topic, but it is best to dive into it as deeply as possible. This approach will demonstrate the seriousness of the essay writing and the level of preparation of the student. To do this, you will have to search and study suitable literature. Use only verified, reliable and valid sources. Highlight theses, key definitions and torment.


Council number 3.Develop an outline for your essay.

Despite the fact that an essay is considered a creative work with an arbitrary structure, content, it is best to think carefully: what you will write, where and what to mention, how to connect everything, etc. For this, it is best to develop a work plan.

The essay should contain the following information: title, introductory part (briefly acquainting the reader with the topic, relevance, purpose and objectives, methods, etc.), the main part (theses and arguments are given, the development of the issue is analyzed, the author's position is stated) conclusion (main conclusions on the topic, argumentation of the author's position).

It is also necessary to reflect the list of references, which will include the works on which the author relied when creating the essay.


Highlights when writing an essay

Council number 4.Write as best you can, and do not chase volume.

More is not better. When writing an essay, it is best to stick to the position "brevity is the sister of talent." Each person is individual, each has his own style, his own manner of communication and behavior. Be yourself, but at the same time, try to be concise in your thoughts. Short sentences are perceived much easier, they do not overload the brain.


Council number 5. Do not take credit for the merits of others.

When writing an essay, you can rely on arguments, facts, but not arrogant to yourself the opinion of experts. The author has the right to agree or disagree with the comments of experts, theories, etc. The main thing is to be yourself and defend your position.

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