Government actions should heat up business in the real estate market

Analysts believe that Brazil may grow 2.5% next year. However, the fall in unemployment will be slower.

In Marcos Augusto's assessment, the new political reality is one of the fronts that heat up business in the real estate market. “The pension reform has to happen in the first semester. The expectation is planted in these ideas. There is also the government's discourse of privatizing, reducing the size of the state”, points out the president of Secovi-MS.

In addition, other issues came to add positivity. “In the last three months, unemployment has been decreasing gradually. This helps in restoring the families' trust. Inflation under control, the interest rate at 6.5%. What was missing was the confidence of the businessmen and that is what we are feeling”, enumerates Marcos Augusto.

At the end of 2018, the Termination Law was approved, which governs the purchase and sale contracts between development, real estate and clients. “They are a rule that provide more legal certainty for builders and buyers.


Among real estate companies, the heating is clear in commerce, as the rents for commercial spaces increased and demand began to grow since the end of last year. All cite confidence in the economy and in the country. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like park view city islamabad plots for sale

Allotments – For Caio Portugal, Vice President of Urban Development and Environment, there were numerous advances obtained with Cetesb (Environmental Company), Sabesp and Arsesp (São Paulo State Sanitation and Energy Regulatory Agency), as well as the secretariats State Environment and Housing. Also noteworthy is the writ of mandamus in favor of the market, given the increase in the values ​​of licensing fees charged by Cetesb.

In addition, the area developed the Lot Lot Market Survey, in partnership with Aelo and the company Brain – Bureau of Corporate Intelligence, which measures the offer of lots in the State of São Paulo. “In 2019, we believe in the economy's recovery, with positive repercussions in the launching and marketing of new subdivisions”, signals Portugal. "We will also advance in the agenda of measures that reduce bureaucracy and provide more legal security to the sector."

Intermediation – The deepening of the use of new technologies, adding efficiency to the work of real estate companies, was one of the great highlights of the segment. “We also carried out an intense process of training our professionals, in order to more assertively meet our customers' expectations and help companies position themselves for the future. An example of this was the holding of Secovi Talks”, says Flávio Prando, Vice President of Real Estate Intermediation and Marketing.

The executive projects for 2019 the beginning of the recovery in used property prices, motivated by the postponement of the purchase decision in recent years. He believes it will be a positive year for the sector. "Real estate credit should have lower interest rates, and banks should increase their appetite for this type of financing," he adds. Prando said that Rede Imobiliária Secovi will have news, such as insurance focused on real estate transactions.

Urban Legislation – In 2018, this area of ​​Secovi-SP participated in several public hearings related to the elaboration of urban legislation, Urban Intervention Projects (PIU) and Urban Operations. Ricardo Yazbek, vice president of Legislative Affairs and Metropolitan Urbanism, Claudio Bernardes (president of the entity's Advisory Board) and architect Júlio Neves played an outstanding role in the Management Council of the Municipal Secretariat of Urbanism and Licensing.

"In 2019, we await the submission, still in the first months of the year, of the Bill for calibrating the Zoning Law for approval by the Chamber of Councilors, so that the legal improvements boost civil and real estate construction in the city of São Paulo ”, stresses Yazbek.

Economical Housing – The maintenance of Minha Casa, Minha Vida (MCMV) was responsible for the good results of the segment. During the year, more than 400,000 units were contracted across the country. However, the program needs improvements to solve the serious situation of lack of resources to assist families in band 1, expand funding to the 1.5 band, and fight the distortion of FGTS resources, a source of financing for low-income housing production.

“In 2019, we will support and collaborate in order to guarantee the maintenance of important actions to increase housing production”, guarantees Rodrigo Luna, Vice President of Economic Housing.

Interior – Entrepreneurs in the interior of São Paulo have never been so excited. For Frederico Marcondes Cesar, vice president of the area, the resumption of confidence and the economy should boost the sector. "As there is repressed demand and stocks are low in most cities in the state, entrepreneurs will feel encouraged to launch new products", he says. In 2018, the vice-presidency held several meetings in cities with regional Secovi-SP, opportunities in which market studies were presented.

Development – “We should see a 10% growth in sales of new properties in 2018 compared to 2017, and a partial recovery in the prices of residential units, which are currently lagging,” says Emilio Kallas, Vice President of Development and Urban Land of the entity.

The approval of the dissolutions bill in Congress, in Kallas' assessment, was one of the most relevant achievements of 2018. For him, the advent will return the necessary legal certainty for developers to offer more products to the market.

Real Estate Administration and Condominiums – The year was very productive for the segment, highlighting the holding of the Enacon (National Meeting of Condominiums) and the creation of a working group to deal with the performance of the non-owner landlord.

According to Hubert Gebara, vice president of the area, in 2019, with the heating up of the economy, more condominiums will be delivered, requiring services from the administrators. “And we will maintain our support for the Council of Managers, an important interlocutor between Secovi-SP and those dedicated to condominium management . This has allowed easier access to information and demands from the condominiums”, he says.


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