How many different sources of secondary data are there?

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A great deal of secondary data will be extracted from government and industrial websites related to export and pricing of different products (Smith, 2015). Variables of economic condition such as GDP or unemployment, wage rate will be collected from industry reports and government websites and they will be analysed to study the relationship between price falls and its impact on economy. There are various online tools available including paraphrasing tool, plagiarism checker, and harvard referencing which help in reducing the work load of the students and help them get good grades.

For example, you might write something like this.

In the early part of the sequence of events, Jane displayed a high level of cultural intelligence by adjusting her behaviour with direct eye contact and using a calm tone of voice as soon as she became aware that her patient had never been in a hospital before. This had an instant effect on the patient who visibly relaxed and began to talk. This is an excellent example of what Brislin, Worthley and McNab (2006, p. 40) define as cultural intelligence or the ability to adjust to another culture. Jane showed she was reading the other person’s uncomfortable body language and adjusted her approach appropriately to make the patient feel safe in that new place. This is one way that her cultural capability in her role as a hospital registrar is relevant in making the patient feel safe as they enter the hospital.

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This example shows how the student has:

  • Identified an example of cultural intelligence from the video clip
  • Integrated a definition of cultural intelligence from one of her readings
  • Explained how the behaviour in this example relates to the definition and the broader question for the report

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Hint: As noted earlier, to improve clarity, your analysis may include numbered sub-headings to highlight and structure key issues or reasons that you have identified in your video as important to whether the space represented there is safe or not safe (e.g. 3.1 Empathy, 3.2 Intercultural Communication, 3.3 Awareness of Body Language, 3.4 Culture Shock, Etc.). You can also try the harvard referencing generator tool by which you can easily generate harvard referencing for your essays, blogs, and articles.

  1. Recommendations (150 – 200 words):Based on your analysis section, make recommendations for how situations in the video may be changed using cultural capabilities to make this a safer space. The recommendations that you make should tie in very closely to your discussion in the analysis section. If the scenario is already safe, identify what aspects of the scenario have been important in making it safe. References are needed here.
  2. Summary and Conclusion (approx. 100 words): Summarise the main ideas. What did your chosen video show about safe spaces, and what actions needed to be taken to make it a safe space, if anything? No new material or references should be included in the summary and conclusion.


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