Advantages and Disadvantages of Washer Motor

Inverter Washer Motor&Fixed Frequency Washer Motor —Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages.

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Inverter Washer MotorFixed Frequency Washer Motor Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages.

Requency conversion technology are widely used in Household appliances in our life. Inverter air conditioners have great advantages in energy saving, and the temperature fluctuation of inverter refrigerators is very small. So, what is the difference between frequency conversion and fixed frequency of washing machine products? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Share it for everyone today.

The inner barrel of the washing machine is driven by washer motor. The washing machine that use fixed frequency washer motor is called fixed frequency washing machine, and the washing machine which usesfrequency conversion motor is called frequency conversion washing machine.

1, the principle of fixed frequency washing machine

Once the fixed-frequency washing machine starts working, the speed of the motor will remain the same - turn straight until the washing is completed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed-Frequency Washing Machines: Due to the simple program setting, the washing process is not complicated and the price is low. The disadvantage is that continuous high-speed operation not only consumes electricity, but also damages the clothes very much, and the clothes are often knotted.

2, the principle of inverter washing machine

The inverter washing machine presses the switch, the motor starts at a low speed, spreads the place where the clothes are screwed, then fills the water, the washer motor accelerates, shakes the clothes in the water, further accelerates and changes direction, washes the clothes, then decelerates and shakes, then discharges the water Rinse, then slowly wash and dry at high speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Washing Machine: Because the frequency conversion technology can control the motor speed, it not only saves energy and saves electricity, but also reduces damage to clothes and reduces the entanglement and wear of clothes. Since the rotation speed can be appropriately adjusted with the clothing heavy star, the sound and vibration can be effectively slowed down. However, compared with ordinary fixed-frequency washing machines, the price of inverter washing machines will be much higher.

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