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Modern education is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of student training. In order to provide a graduate student with competitiveness in the labor market, it is necessary, in addition to a set of professional knowledge and skills, to form in the learning process competenc

The professional orientation of a philologist is focused on mastering philological knowledge, skills and abilities that form the basis of a philologist's competence, however, in solving professional problems, the personal qualities of a specialist are no less important. For a philologist, personally significant qualities are communication, creativity, high culture of speech, culture of thinking, independence, professional orientation. Speaking about the culture of thinking, special attention should be paid to critical thinking, namely the formation of the ability to think critically. Developed critical thinking allows the student, and in the future a specialist, to grow professionally, self-actualize, solve professional problems, find non-standard approaches to achieving the goals.

Example of critical thinking 

Before considering the possibilities of forming critical thinking in the system of philological training, let us consider the very definition of the concept of "critical thinking".

For the modern system of higher education, the task of training specialists capable of critical thinking is extremely important. Critical thinking significantly expands educational, and in the future professional opportunities, since the set of traditional knowledge, skills and abilities is replenished with the ability to analyze, reason, solve problematic situations that arise in professional activity.

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