Goth Makeup – Step By Step Goth Makeup Tutorial

Goth makeup is considered one of the key elements of any gothic look. The goth makeup look is a dark makeup style.

Goth makeup is considered one of the key elements of any gothic look. The goth makeup look is a dark makeup style.

The gothic makeup look is one of the favorite looks among college girls or the teenagers who love to wear the dark devilish look. This makeup look is the different genre of makeup which considers an extraordinary and sexy look.

So if you are willing to try something new and experiment with your look then the gothic makeup look is one of the best options for you. Check out the step by step gothic makeup tutorial. 

What Is Goth Makeup?

For the answer to this ask anyone who is passionate about this kind of makeup look. They will most likely love to tell you that goth makeup looks made up of certain basic elements that should not be absent by any means.

The goth looks are all about that pale looking skin with the mysterious and dark color, outfit, and also the overall attitude and the outfits that go with this look.

Goth makeup look is the 90s makeup. The goth culture has a very long history and it also had surged to popularity back in the 1980s with the punk of the era.

It is one of the most spectacular cultures, which is probably why it has remained so popular throughout the decades. The goth culture was not always trendy because it has its ups and downs.

But the goth culture was revived from the ashes like a Phoenix in the 2000s with the trend of emo that engulfed the entire planet.

The literature, art, and music have drastically influenced the goth culture throughout the years and it continues even nowadays.

One thing which is the most common in goths is the love of makeup in the various and different forms. The art of using color, shading, and the drama to create this look.

One of the best parts about the goth makeup look is that it won’t be both women and men. The goth makeup is as versatile as it is, so you are still expected to know exactly how to wear it. 



What Are The Different Types Of Goth Makeup?

The goth makeup look is available in all of the types of makeup that can exist for other styles. One of the prominent options of goth look is eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow.

The nail polish, foundation, highlighters, and some other options are found as well as important in this.

Like the other makeup styles, each type of goth makeup contains a specific use and also varies between brands. 



Goth Makeup Tips For Beginners

The goth makeup is not just about the makeup it is about so much more. Because when you are wearing the goth makeup you aren’t just wearing the makeup.

Instead, you make yourself a part of a lifestyle, attitude, and one of the most importantly the part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Wearing goth makeup can provide you the attitude because you instantly become a part of a large group of individuals who may have more than a rebellious streak in them.

Goth makeup is not only about the dark makeup look, black eyes, and lips. It has morphed from a signature look of the goth subculture into everyday style, yet very dramatic and sexy.

You can also pair it with different lips and eye makeup, you can make it appropriate for lunch with the friends as well as for the date night.

Here is the step by step goth makeup tutorial. 

1. Choosing Makeup 

Most of the gothic makeup look is nearly a dead look, where their skin looks almost white and very pale. For creating this look it’s important to use a good foundation that acts as a base for your makeup.

So select a foundation which is two shades lighter than the skin tone that can give you a pale look that does not look cakey or so pale it looks like you are wearing a white mask.

So if you have a darker skin tone than go with two shades lighter foundation than your skin tone. Also, use white makeup pressed powder to apply over the foundation.

This will help you to get an ethereal, grayish skin tone without appearing just like you are wearing a white mask that is very different from your natural skin tone.

You should also go with the makeup primer, which often contains SPF. Because primer helps to prep the skin for the foundation and make your last longer.

Wear a primer that contains sunscreen because it will help you achieve a more pale look. Also, sunscreen will help to prevent your skin from tanning.

2. Goth Eyeshadow Palette

Pick the eyeshadow which is dark in shades for goth makeup. Though the goth look maybe a dark makeup look, then it doesn’t mean you can not have some fun with your eye makeup.

So look for the eyeshadow which is dark in shades like red, blue, purple, and black. For the perfect goth look use deep color black or dark brown eyeshadow to go over your eyeliner and create a more dramatic appearance.

In many goths look people play with their eye shadow color off their lip color and vice versa. It considers how your eye shadow selection works with the lipstick. 

3. Eyeliner Pencil

If you are a beginner and feel nervous about applying eyeliner, then try black an eyeliner pencil for goth makeup.

Because eyeliner pencil is easy to apply and easily any mistakes can be adjusted with a Q-Tips dipped in water or also the edge of your fingertips.  Choose your eyeliner pencil in black color that long-lasting and non-smudging.

If you do not want the eyeliner to end up getting all over the face. Because it can look more of a  raccoon rather than a gothic look. Use a smudgy or smoky kajal eyeliner on your waterline that can smudge easily.

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