Chicago Bears: Madden 21 simulation for Week 15 versus Vikings

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What is Madden 21's prediction for the week 15 matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings? In Cordarrelle Patterson's wise words: "How can they carry the Bears!" After defeating the Houston Texans at home, the Chicago Bears finally broke a six-game losing streak. This week, they went to Minnesota to play against the Vikings, which seems to be the current game that the Bears must win. If you are a player of Madden 21, you can purchase MUT 21 Coins to improve your game.

The game was simulated on Madden 21 to predict possible outcomes. Last week, the simulation was very wrong because it landed the bear on the Texans. We hope this week’s simulation is correct because it predicts that the Bears will win by a score of 34-20. This is a game where both teams must win to stay in the playoffs, so I hope the Bears can perform well in Sunday's game as Madden predicted.

The Bears made another balanced effort in this simulation. The offense was excellent, with Mitchell Trubisky, David Montgomery, Allen Robinson and Cole Comette all performing well. Defensively enough to keep Dalvin Cook and his company to 20 points.

If the Bears can enjoy the same defense as these teams at the beginning of the season in real games, then I can easily see the Bears win. In the last game against the Vikings, the defender put in great effort, but even the 150-yard offense covered everything. Hope Madden is right and Mitchell Trubisky maintains his perfect form against the Vikings for the third consecutive season.

The Vikings have always fought a great battle against the Bears, but Chicago has always had a high number in recent seasons. Hope this week Madden 21 matches and the Bears can win in Minnesota. If you don't want to lose as often as the Bears, then you may need to buy Madden 21 Coins and then return to the game to buy powerful players.

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