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On December 4, 2020, at 9:00 p.m., Path of Exile began the first of several events in December. Not only can you experience interesting gameplay, but if you are lucky, you can also win excellent POE Orbs rewards. They brought back the old content. In January, Update 3.13 and the next Challenge Alliance will be released.

The chaos incident (December 4-11) brought back anarchy, ambushes, torture and the old modifiers of the Pioneer Alliance! At the end of the game, the top five best players in each promotion category will receive a unique demi sword power, which indicates the level of the game. This unique item in Path of Exile is only available to the best players in each December event-and their ranking in the event will also be displayed.

Now it's finally here: the "Endless Delve" event (from December 11th to 18th) will only be held in Azuritmine. Sulfite is not necessary, so you can go to the depths of the earth until you are gone. Since you cannot complete any tasks, you will regularly receive the passive points and resistance penalties that you would normally receive during the documentation process. In the Delve incident, you have no right to enter a hidden place or city-you are actually only in the mine. You can get skill gems from Lilly Roth. Only a self-sufficient game model is possible-that is, there are no groups of players or transactions with each other.

Although this is the current Liga Heist incident, you still have to create a new character. But: In the flashback event, you can still get challenge rewards from Heist. Contrary to the Delve and Mayhem events, you can also take over the items won in the Standard League! Even after the end of this competition, the top five players in each ascending category will receive a unique sword of the demigod bust, which indicates the rank ranking in the event. You can also POE Currency Buy at the game to enhance your game strength.


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