NBA 2K21: Zion Williamson Thought His Player Rating Was Too Low

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Zion Williamson is touted as a generation of genius, he may use LeBron James title as the face of the NBA. This is one of the reasons why he likes the next generation version of NBA 2K21. Although fans were not impressed with 2K21 due to some game/quality of life reasons, Zion was not excited about the game because he felt that his player ratings were too low. For players, if they can Buy NBA 2K21 MT, it will help them get strong players.

NBA 2K21 made headlines this year due to various wrong reasons. It represents the only choice for fans when seeking NBA action. When the Make2KFunAgain hashtag went on a round on Twitter last month, the frustration of fans vanished. The update of the game may solve some problems, and the 2K Sports team does adjust certain aspects of the game.

Zion knew that player ratings were being adjusted throughout the year, so he contacted 2K's Ronnie Singh to find out if he could improve his virtual self. It seems interesting for Zion to strive for a higher score, because an outdated Google search shows Zion's score is 81, when in fact his score in the game is 86. Once the misunderstanding is eliminated, everything will be forgiven. NBA 2K21 does not allow female custom characters to access 2K21's open world next-generation content "City", which is inexcusable.

Zion's 86 points are very suitable for young and talented big men. He spent half of his first season due to injury, and he was in just right shape when the COVID-19 pandemic brought things to a halt. 86 proved that Zion has great potential, but still needs to work hard to reach the highest virtual superstar level. However, since this year's NBA rookies also joined in, he must be careful.

Despite the many flaws in NBA 2K21, MyCareer mode is still a robust and fascinating "role creation" mode, so it is still loved by many people. It has been a long time since the WNBA has been in the WNBA, so it is great for women to finally get the honor they deserve. If they buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT, they will probably get more honors.


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