Mariadda Pro Memebership
Mariadda Pro Memebership

Mariadda Pro Memebership


From 1st Jan 2018 for every 110 post likes on a post would get $1 and for every 100 post wonders on a post would get a member $1.50. For every 15 comments on a post you get $0.50.(Multiple comments on a post by a user would be recorded as 1 single comment.) For every post of yours shared on another website by other users would get you $2.
For every Blog you create you would get $2 and for every 250 views on a blog article the blogger would get $3 and for every 25 comments received on that article would get $3.
For every thread you start in Forum one would get $.50. For every 20 reply on posts one would get $1.
Every Successful joining of members through sign up on Mariadda by invitation by an existing member through email using the Invite Your Friends feature on website would make the user who had invited earn $1.
All your earnings in this way would be used to pay for your membership on Mariadda.

Regarding Membership Status and facilities just check out Upgrade to Pro on Mobile Web-view, or click on the Add sign under Pro Members on the Mariadda App, or click on the link Put Me Here on the Desktop Website. We don’t need you to pay by any other methods available to upgrade your membership other than already specified above. One will get their membership upgraded as they keep on earning and they qualify as per our specification.
To give our founding user members an edge as a mark of special thanking from us for remaining with us all this time we will count all their posts and activities as of now and make them enjoy the designated Pro-memberships as applicable as per their earningas mentioned above. Though we have already started the process this may take a little bit time to reflect on profiles of our much loved founding user members.
If some one has balance left in one’s account after we deduct the required applicable
highest amount for a rank of membership available, it will be added to your future accumulated earnings and make you eligible for the designated membership thereafter. Example :If you earn $4 we will qualify you as Star Member for $2.50 and the balance $1.50 will be added to your further future earning and qualify you for the applicable next rank of membership in future.
WE do not allow any kind of physical currency involved in any form as for the mentioned format of membership up-gradation.
No member can claim to withdraw their earnings in any other form or means except encashed in the above stated format for their membership upgradation.
Once one qualifies for the ultimate membership rank the format of earning as stated above ceases for them and they can enjoy the designated facilities of that membership rank as per the period allowed.
Once the designated facilities cease as per the format of Lifetime membership we would consider to renew facilities making note of your activities and behavior on Mariadda and your loyalty towards using Mariadda.

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