Stop Motion Animation of Lego Fall Guys Is Great to Watch

Developed by Mediatonic, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game that was published by Devolver Digital.

Developed by Mediatonic, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game that was published by Devolver Digital. Somewhere around 60 players participate in the game and they have to win at random mini-games in order to qualify for the successive rounds. The players who reach the last round then compete in a mini-game designed for fewer players and the last man standing finally wins the game. Fall Guys is now an extremely popular game, and it sells millions of copies worldwide which is a testament of its success. There are very few games that are able to compete with its popularity, and even though this year we have seen a few big hits, Fall Guys still has cemented itself in top ranks.


Everyone who enjoys games knows that Fall Guys is an exceptional game, and even though Among Us might have stolen some of its thunder, it still continues to be extremely popular. Since Season 2 is just around the corner, we can expect to see an increase in the player base soon. There is nothing much that would make Fall Guys more interesting apart from a stop motion animation using Lego. Recently the fans of the game did exactly that, TheJumiFilm came up with the idea and implemented it with perfection.

TheJumiFilm is a moderately popular YouTuber channel that has always been creating such videos. But the latest Lego Motion Animation is phenomenal and probably their best ever video. However, they do fail to capture the madness of what happens in DoorDash since there are only 6 players, but they still do a very convincing job. They are now working on the adaptation of Among Us too, which means that we will soon have Lego forms of most popular games of this year. It seems TheJumiFilm knows about the rivalry between those two games, and they are not hesitant to make videos on both of them. 

Fall Guys has been very successful ever since it was released and continues to have a huge influence. Among Us surely has given it a huge competition but it still stands as one of the most popular games of 2020. Surely the fans will love the stop motion animation created by TheJumiFilm. Obviously, this is not one of the last fan creations, and we can expect to see much more in the future. If you are a Fall Guys fan, we would definitely recommend you to go and see the stop motion animation. There is no way you can afford to miss out on that.

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