Benefits of getting a PMP certification

Some people might consider PMP certification as expensive, time-consuming or difficult. Employers treat PMP certification as a crucial credential that adds credibility to your resume.

A Project Management Professional certificate is offered by the Project Management Institute, a US-based institute, and a well-recognized and respected credential.

The project management course is one of the best courses online. This course is for anyone who wishes to earn big bucks and rise high in the ranks. Project management course online helps you achieve all your goals. There are a lot of benefits of doing a project management course.

A recent survey also showed that professionals who have done the project management course online get more opportunities and are in demand. In the year 2016 

people with PMP certification had the 5th highest paying job.

Benefits of PMP certification 

1. Adds value to the resume

There are several other professional certifications that you simply can pursue throughout your life. Among all certifications, PMP certification is considered that to be among the most precious certificate program. Employers while shortlisting candidates for a job role prioritize candidates with a PMP certification as compared to those who do not hold a PMP certification. 

Many companies are making it mandatory for employers to possess a PMP certification. It means you cannot even apply for a couple of positions without these credentials.

PMP certification can also be extremely valuable if you plan to advance within the company you’re working at. It puts you ahead of your peers in terms of moving up on your career growth. A licensed project manager will be able to perform better under grueling conditions as compared to a non-certified one.

2. Provides Industry recognition

PMP certification is universally recognized. PMP certification is globally recognized and works in almost every industry around the globe. So, regardless of the professional background and industry, you’ll gain by adding the certification to your resume.

Data suggests that as the number of employees holding a PMP certification in an enterprise increases, the success rate of the company also increases. Also, the companies recognize that certified managers are better at completing the project on time and within the budget.

If you’re just starting out your career in project management, then PMP certification will structure experience. Say you’re experienced and have proven certificates for the same. Then PMBOK certification can help you read subsequent heights within your organization.

3. Helps you learn important skills

PMBOK certification teaches you important skills that will help you to grow in your respective career fields.

PMP certification has high standards. In order to clear the PMP examination, extensive preparation is required. Moreover, it requires you to master the application of the material. Attaining PMP credentials will allow professionals to acquire learning of several soft and hards skills. Learning these skills will allow building the knowledge of fundamental project management processes tools techniques and methodologies. Further, it exposes you to the best practices and some ongoing trends in the project management industry. 

4. Contributes to higher income

The biggest draw of PMP certification is that the upper salary it can bring back the project managers. Across the industry, the standard salary of certified project managers is considerably higher. A recent survey conducted by PMI suggested that a professional holding a PMP certification earns a salary of $ 1,08,000.

PMP has been consistently the highest-paid IT certification. This also suggests that even in the future the salary for a PMP certification will just keep growing. Apart from high-paying jobs, PMP certification improves also provides job security. 

5. Validates your dedication to the job

A potential employer understands that clearing the exam takes dedication to the work. It suggests to employers that a candidate is determined to build a career in PMP. It also makes you respectable among your peers and other team members. 

Project management course online exam cost 

  • PMI Membership cost- USD 129
  • One time application fee – USD 10
  • Fees for PMI members – USD 405
  • Fees for Non-PMI – members- USD 555

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